You can find the artwork that is available for sale here.

Transfers onto Canvas

I can transfer any photo onto canvas. The end result has a textured quality and is an original that cannot be reproduced.

Here is an example.

How to order

There are three standard sizes but I am also able to cater for individual requests.  Submit a request, with a photo, and I will get back to you quick sharp with a quote.

18″ x 22″     or      20″ x 20″         £45

20″ x 24″     or      22″ x 22″          £70

22″ x 26″     or      24″ x 24″         £95

24″ x 28″     or      26″ x 26″         £120

28″ x 32″     or      30″ x 30″         £145

A set of 3 pictures,  18″ x 22″ or  20″ x 20″    £120

Any other sizes can be produced – prices available on request


Items can be collected in person from the Biscuit Tin studios in Newcastle upon Tyne.  If you wish the item to be sent by courier or post then postal charges must be added, at a price of £10 per item or £16 for 50′ x 50′ or similar.
Multiple items for delivery together will be charged at reduced rates, please enquire about this before submitting your payment.

For international delivery, please contact me to discuss arrangements and costs. Delivery charges will never be more than the cost of postage/courier with a small additional charge to cover packaging.


The prices given above are for guidance only, please confirm with me the final cost (including delivery) before submitting any payment.

Payment can be made by Paypal or by direct bank transfer if you prefer, please indicate this preference in your order request and I will provide the necessary details.

To Order

Please submit your order using the form below. Your photos can be in any standard digital format, but note that high resolution photos will give by far the best results. The maximum attachment size is 2MB,  – this is a restriction imposed by my web host, and is likely to be insufficient for good quality enlargement. If you have files larger than 2MB, please complete the form below without attaching your photos, and you will be immediately sent an email with instructions on submitting photos by email (I haven’t put my email address on the website to avoid spam!).

Select a photo to attach

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 2mb.